Demand Management

Effective, accurate and efficient Demand Planning and Management is a key differentiator that separates successful organizations and industry leaders from rest of the pack in their environments. Demand Planning is much more than just capturing the forecast numbers of your target customer base. It includes understanding as an Organization where you are, who you are serving, what you are serving, how you are serving and where you are headed.

Statistical Forecasting

We assess to what extent can the historical data be leveraged to predict reasonably accurate future demand for various types of fulfillment strategies such as MTS, MTO, BTO, CTO, ATO items depending on your industry. We work with you to suggest and implement various techniques that include data preparation, data capture, data processing, model selection, model evaluation, model tuning, forecast generation and forecast approval and propagation.

Forecasting Granularity

Depending on your industry, your organization and your product/sales/market/channel strategy we will work with you to define the right level of forecasting granularity in Product, Customer, Time and any other dimensions that you may deem important for you organization. Too much granularity can lead to wasted effort for no major returns and too high of granularity may not be very useful for your operations. Hence hitting the 'sweet spot' is highly essential to gain maximum returns on the effort.

Data Gathering

To accurately predict and position your future demand that aligns with your organization's goals and is feasible at the same time for your operations to fulfill, all of relevant data must be captured, stored and utilized following a structured methodology. Various types of relevant data set includes external and internal sources. External sources consist of Market Trends, Market Outlook, Social Networks, Market Reports, Industry Reviews, Customer Predictions etc. Internal sources include Strategic Vision, NPI, Product Strategy, Catalogue Management, Pricing Strategy, internal analytics, Sales Input, Operations Input, global oversight personnel etc. Aline will closely work with your organization to find the right match from this matrix that accurately fits your needs.

Solution Selection

Right information solution that complements your organization's processes only enhances the pace of change at your organization. Aline has implemented variety of successful Demand Planning solutions based on latest technologies and trends over the past 15 years. Learning your vision, collaborating with you closely we can provide options on adoptable solutions at your Organization that fits your objectives at the same time minimizing costs.

Forecasting Process

Key to implementing a successful forecasting culture at your organization lies in adopting a right process that fits into your organization culture, vision and strategy. The process must be inclusive and ensure that appropriate input is provided by the right team at appropriate time in the end to end forecasting cycle. The process will also include executive oversight and ends with S&OP at the end of the cycle.

Performance Measurement

A key component of successful adoption of Demand Planning process at any organization involves defining, measuring, tracking and improving the performance of various actors in the end to end supply chain process. Adopting too many measures leads to too much confusion and adopting too few may not be yield desired benefits. Most importantly, adopting the wrong ones may result in organizational resistance. At Aline one of our key strengths is to understand your situation and define the right metrics that not only fit to your vision but also accelerate the rate of transformation.

Continuous Improvement

Change does not happen overnight. Neither organizations can realize benefits short-term. Overcoming the 'inertia' to change requires concerted effort from broader organization to realize current drawbacks and improve continuously adopting best practices. This process must then be weaved into the culture of the organization for optimal results. Aline has helped many companies successfully execute extensive Change Management and Continuous Improvement process in many industries. Leveraging from this experience we can help you adopt the right framework to win in the competitive market place.

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